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About Us

Ibbystyles is a fashion/appearance brand, best known for incorporating traditional West African Wooven fabrics with modern tailoring techniques. Which embodies creativity, style and emphasis on embellishment. While maintaining it’s authenticity and elegance.

Introduction of Abegbe collection ..

As anticipated, we are adding an accessory line to our expanding business . It embodies what our brand represents: creativity and style with an emphasis on embellishment.

We have named the collection “Abegbe “ a female Yoruba name used for attributive description for endearment.

The Abegbe collection comprises of mini intricate beaded handbags, made with colourful crystals , pearls and a mix of beads. They are made and designed in Nigeria . They are fun, wearable year round and an update to any outfit. It’s like carrying jewellery on your arm. They will make you feel classy , chic and special.